Become a Worry Warrior!


Good day, Insighters! What are you worried about? Here’s some valuable information to help you keep your eyes on the prize:

Live-Well_-Dont-WorryWorry steals the passion and enjoyment from life. But it doesn’t have to. Strengthening our defenses against worry is like working a muscle, the more you do it, the easier it gets. Check out this great article about worry which will help you to find the right perspective. We’re not victims of life – we’re active participants. Take back your power today and let’s get on with creating the life that we desire!

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Calm is only a video away!

How often do you feel your body tighten up from stress?

It happens to all of us. However, our best efforts and decision making come from when we are feeling calm and centered. Learning to control our stress response puts us back in the power position with regards to both our health and productivity.

img_5787While meditation used to get a bad rap for being something only practiced by monks on a mountaintop, the internet gives today’s modern man access to stress relief with the simple click of a mouse.

So get comfortable, take a deep breath and get ready to let all your troubles go…