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Good day, Insighters! What are you worried about? Here’s some valuable information to help you keep your eyes on the prize:

Live-Well_-Dont-WorryWorry steals the passion and enjoyment from life. But it doesn’t have to. Strengthening our defenses against worry is like working a muscle, the more you do it, the easier it gets. Check out this great article about worry which will help you to find the right perspective. We’re not victims of life – we’re active participants. Take back your power today and let’s get on with creating the life that we desire!

Marci Wise, M.A., RMHCI, is a mental health counselor  and motivational author who provides both couples counseling and individual psychotherapy to clients in the Fort Myers/Naples Florida areas – (941) 202-3350. Material is free to repost as long as proper credit is listed, including our website address.

When Does Love Become Codependency?

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from life, and counseling, it’s that there is no such thing as perfection. We all veer in and out of our optimal state of being in regards to all aspects of our lives at some time or another, whether it be diet, career motivation, attention to self-care etc.

couple-1531266One particularly tricky area is love, however. It can be so difficult to sense when our devotion to another person has begun to shift into an unhealthy, and consequently unfulfilling, dynamic.

In counseling we often use distress as a determining factor. Do you find yourself experiencing feelings of discomfort and resentment in your relationship? If so, then this may be a red flag that there is a need to set some healthy boundaries. Yet, this is not something that we’re generally taught how to do.

couple-love-1240185-1279x852Recognizing our own tendency to give too much – and learning how to honor ourselves by responding differently, can shift our relationships in a pleasing and powerful way. Therapy can provide you with the self-awareness, tools and techniques you need to break free from unfulfilling relationship dynamics.

And incidentally, it’s not just women who can find themselves in co-dependency situations – men are just as vulnerable. In fact, check out this insightful article by a male paramedic and his own personal experience with codependency and his life lessons learned.

If you feel that your relationships may be negatively affected by codependency, give us a call today.

Marci Wise, M.A., RMHCI is a counselor seeing both individuals and couples in the Fort Myers/Naples Florida areas. For more information on her services, visit or call 941-202-3350.


downloadGreetings Insighters!  It’s a new year and the perfect time for a fresh beginning. As we well know, growth and accomplishments are a never-ending process – so I’ll be posting plenty of tips this year on how to rise above hindrances and claim your best self!  I hope that you’ll join us on the journey! Here are some helpful hints to get you started out on the right foot!  Cheers to new beginnings!

Marci Wise, M.A., RMHCI is a counselor and motivational author seeing clients in the Fort Myers/Naples Florida area. For more information, visit

Take Time to Smell the Roses, Literally!

“Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the mountains; another, a moonlit beach; a third, a family dinner of pot roast and sweet potatoes during a myrtle-mad August in a Midwestern town. Smells detonate softly in our memory like poignant land mines hidden under the weedy mass of years. Hit a tripwire of smell and memories explode all at once. A complex vision leaps out of the undergrowth.”
–  Diane Ackerman

Okay, so rose oil may not be my particular favorite, but I am really getting into diffusing aromatic oils in order to help promote a healthier lifestyle.

AromatherapyWith a little research you can easily discover how certain oils affect your mood. For example, my go-to self-care activity is a nightly bubble bath infused with lavender oil. I’ve maintained this healthy habit long enough that I’m now conditioned to begin to feel more relaxed with the first whiffs of that serene scent.

At the office, I’ll often choose to diffuse an oil geared especially for the client that’s coming to see me. There are oils that can reduce anxiety, increase your energy, boost your immune system, and even help you sleep better!  At the very least, most people comment how great the office smells – and I’ve found the individuals are pleased that I’ve taken the time and effort to consider them. Many have decided to begin using aromatic oils at home themselves too!

To make the practice even more fun, you can find a variety of attractive diffusers that can add a calming design element to your space, whether it be at home or the office. Most diffusers also contain a multi-colored lighting feature that you can adjust to create the exact mood you desire. Better yet, diffusers are easy to find and relatively inexpensive (under $30).

So if you’re looking for a way to take control of your moods while accentuating your surroundings in a positive way, I suggest you give diffusing aromatic oils a try!


Marci Wise, M.A., RMHCI, is a motivational author and mental health counselor accepting both couples and individual clients in the Fort Myers/Naples Florida area. Call 239-689-3086 to schedule an appointment today– or visit for additional resources.

Are You Codependent?

Relationship trouble – we’ve all been there.

But how do you know when there’s a real problem that needs to be addressed?


Breaking out of well-worn relationship patterns can be hard – but recognizing the warning signs of co-dependence can be a game changer.


Check out my blog: Caring or Codependent? The Fine Line for more information.

Marci Wise, M.A., RMHCI, is a Motivational author and Mental Health Counselor accepting both couples and individual clients in the Fort Myers/Naples Florida area. Call 239-689-3086 to schedule an appointment today– or visit for additional resources.

Living with “Ease”

pexels-photo-556663.jpegSometimes you just feel yourself inexplicably drawn to a word or a phrase that somehow speaks to your soul in unknown way. For me today, that word is ease. I think ease is something I’ve always longed for but mostly found just out of reach. As a kid growing up in what I’ve only recently begun to realize was a dysfunctional household (who didn’t?) I spent a lot of energy creating and maintaining a calmer environment – definitely not synonymous with “ease.” Later, while in the work world, I always felt like I had to summon up the energy and courage to take each painstaking step closer to my goals. It felt almost like a fighting energy, like I was battling some unknown opponent who was always just one step behind me threatening to topple any progress that I made. This made life itself feel like a fight in some ways, so I wasn’t to surprised when I was eventually diagnosed with an autoimmune disease – which is essentially you own body’s cells fighting themselves. There was a war going on – and I was carrying it with me wherever I went.
pexels-photo.jpgSince that time I’ve been gifted with some life changing realizations that have offered me a refreshing clarity about the truth of my existence. I didn’t even realize that I was tortured, because that was all I ever knew, but now it seems so obvious. So this morning, as I was taking stock of my newfound revelations, the word ease seemed to jump of the landscape for me – as if to say “notice me!” I found myself grasping for a vague song lyric in my head that contained the word “ease.” Struggling to reach deep into my memory, I was able to gradually recover the melodic melody that was begging to be released. It’s the chorus of an old Judd’s song called “River of Time.”
Flow on, River of Time
Wash away the pain and heal my mind.
Flow on, River of Time,
Carry me away
And leave it all far behind.
Flow on River of Time

Upon closer inspection I realized that the lyric didn’t even contain the word “ease” – I had been mistaking it for “heal.” Yet that in itself seemed like a message. I believe that we’re designed to heal. Perhaps that’s even one of our biggest purposes in life – to encounter hardships and confusion, and then with the help of time – gain the clarity, wisdom and inner strength to go back and heal those raw and wounded parts of ourselves. That seems to be where my life – and now my work – are taking me.
As I grow older, I realize the utmost importance of peace. Not just achieving it – but bpexels-photo-207962.jpegeing it. Not finding it – but expressing it. Not creating it – but allowing it. All those years of struggling to be what I thought I had to be – had to do – in order to prove myself in this competitive world were just stressful expectations that I put on myself. No one was standing in the sidelines forcing me to do so. I was unconsciously choosing to impose a sense of dis-ease on myself. Seems so silly and unnecessary from this new point of perspective.
So where does that leave me now? Free. Free to do and to be whatever I choose without the baggage of that vague inner struggle. At first glance one would think that kind of mindset would take away all of your ambition and leave you in a place where you might not work to achieve anything – but instead I feel the opposite. Without the heaviness of the fears that were chasing me, I feel lighter and more optimistic. Like something wonderful is waiting to burst forth from within me, as opposed to me having to go out into a chaotic world and try to make something happen. I feel like a vessel for good. Ready to simply allow myself to pour out that goodness, sharing it with all who cross my path. With ease. Without expectation. Showing up and simply bringing the best that I have to offer in the moment. I somehow now know that will be enough. That honest and authentic expression is all the world has ever been asking of me – and somehow I was getting in the way.
It’s amazing how life always has something to teach us, no matter how long we live. What an exciting adventure. Who knows what unexpected journeys lie around the next corner? I’m just grateful that a new sense of “ease” will be my companion when I get there.

Marci Wise, MA, RMHCI, is a motivational author and mental health counselor accepting clients in the Fort Myers/Naples Florida area. Call 239-689-3086 to schedule an appointment today – or visit for additional resources. Material is free to repost as long as proper credit is listed, including our website address.

_MeTooThe #MeToo movement is in full swing with many individuals facing consequences for their actions for the first time.

But what if hearing of these events is triggering a reaction in you?

Check out How the #MeToo Movement May Be Affecting Your Mental Health for tips on how to safeguard your own well-being in light of these disclosures.

Marci Wise, MA, RMHCI, is a motivational author and mental health counselor accepting clients in the Fort Myers/Naples Florida area. Call 239-689-3086 to schedule your free 15-minute consultation today – or visit for additional resources.

When Is It Time to See a Counselor?

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Resources are plentiful. Don’t go it alone if you don’t have to.

Marci Wise, MA, RMHCI, is a motivational author and mental health counselor accepting clients in the Fort Myers/Naples Florida area. Call 239-689-3086 to schedule your free 15-minute consultation or visit for additional resources.