Practical Tips for Overcoming Adversity

Dealing with the challenges that come our way can be stressful – but there are helpful strategies that can help us to come out on top!

Marci Wise, MA, RMHCI, is a motivational author and mental health counselor accepting clients in the Fort Myers/Naples Florida area. For more information on her services, please visit

Problem Solving

Comfort in Challenging Times

Incidents like the Las Vegas shooting can really shake our sense of safety. I find myself searching for a greater meaning in such events. However, today I found comfort in an unlikely place – through this video posted on Facebook. I don’t know the artist personally but I found the song’s message to be powerful and emotion evoking. Please listen to “A Good Life” in it’s entirety – I think there’s a simple truth contained within. (I hope Michael Tomlinson won’t mind me sharing his work.) Blessings to all!

Marci Wise, MA, RMHCI, is a motivational author and mental health counselor in the Fort Myers/Naples Florida area. For more information, please visit

What’s Your Next Step?


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

If you’ve been struggling, seeking out counseling services can offer you many benefits. If you had the flu, you would most likely seek out solutions to decrease your symptoms. Why should your emotional well-being be any different? The days of shame and stigma are over.  Join the millions of people who are taking back control of their lives through receiving counseling. Resources are plentiful. Search your community for the counselor that is right for you.

Calm is only a video away!

How often do you feel your body tighten up from stress?

It happens to all of us. However, our best efforts and decision making come from when we are feeling calm and centered. Learning to control our stress response puts us back in the power position with regards to both our health and productivity.

img_5787While meditation used to get a bad rap for being something only practiced by monks on a mountaintop, the internet gives today’s modern man access to stress relief with the simple click of a mouse.

So get comfortable, take a deep breath and get ready to let all your troubles go…